Q 3 Handsfree Thermometer | Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
Q 3 Handsfree Thermometer
Q 3 Handsfree Thermometer
Q 3 Handsfree Thermometer
Q 3 Handsfree Thermometer
Q 3 Handsfree Thermometer
Q 3 Handsfree Thermometer


Q 3 Handsfree Thermometer

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Q 3 Automatic Thermometer 

Main Features

Extremely fast

Highly sensitive infrared temperature measurement, the temperature value can be measured in 1s, non-contact infrared temperature measurement, suitable for multi-person temperature measurement or multiple temperature measurement comparisons


High-precision measurement, the core motherboard is independently researched and developed by the first sensor, the measurement accuracy is comparable to that of a mercury thermometer, and the error rate is extremely low

Internal circuit upgrade

The internal circuit has been strengthened and upgraded to achieve normal use in a high temperature environment of 45°C, far exceeding the 30~35°C working environment temperature of peer products

Humanized design

Follow ergonomic design rules, beautiful appearance design, various installation methods, suitable for various places


When the measured temperature is abnormal, the red light will light up, and a beep will sound to remind you to restart the measurement

Environmentally friendly

The infrared thermometer has a long standby time, energy-saving and environmental protection, and can be escorted for a long time by charging once

Flexible installation

A variety of installation and fixing methods are designed for various complex use environments

Triangle bracket fixation | Sponge tape fixation | Wall nail hole fixation

Professional use

Designed for various crowded places, such as train stations, bus stations, schools, hospitals, Internet cafes, etc.

Built-in 18650 battery, can be used with battery or plug-in power cord

Specifications: Input voltage 5V

Measuring range: 0~50 degrees Celsius

Measurement accuracy: 0.2 degrees Celsius

Response time 0.5s

Measuring distance 5~10cm