GP-100 Handsfree Thermometer | Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
GP-100 Handsfree Thermometer
GP-100 Handsfree Thermometer
GP-100 Handsfree Thermometer


GP-100 Handsfree Thermometer

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GP-100 Infrared Thermometer—with Voice

High Accuracy: 0.2 degrees (32-42C) place it in the operating environment for 30 minutes before use

Abnormal automatic alarm flashing + “Di Di” sound

Automatic measurement: measuring distance 5cm – 10 cm

Screen: Digital display

Charging method: USB or 3 AAA5 batteries

Install method: Nail hook and bracket fixation

Environment Temperature 10 C – 40 C

Infrared measuring range 0°C—50°C

Response time: 0.5 seconds

Input: DC 5V

Net weight: 269g

Standby: about one week

The GP-100 wall/Tripod mount IR thermometer automatically sensors when someone is in front of it and will scan their temperature in less than a second without having to be physically manned. It has a 0.2 degree accuracy and a large digital display.

The system will indicate green lights when the temperature detected is normal and red lights when a high temperature is detected.  The temperature is displayed on a large led digital display.  It has an automatic voice function that will say normal temperature or abnormal temperature, dependent on the temperature reading.