Hoop Wipe Stand | Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

PRICE INCREASE: Due to the increase in the steel price we will be increasing the prices of all stands on 1 Aug 2021.

Hoop Wipe Stand
Hoop Wipe Stand
Hoop Wipe Stand
Hoop Wipe Stand


Hoop Wipe Stand

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Hoop Wipe Stand 1000 Wipes

Sleek and stylish wipe dispenser stand. Sturdy and ideal for any facility, including retail stores, fitness clubs, schools, residential and commercial properties and health care facilities.

This wipes stand can handle high volume areas with a 1000 wipe dispenser. Wipe and toss in trash area.  


AIRTIGHT, REMOVABLE WIPE-HOLDING BUCKET: Indestructible thick plastic can with tight seal to prevent cleaning solution evaporation and keep wet wipes moist. 70%.

Wipe Stand available in white, blue or black.

The stand can also be manufactured with a foot operated hand sanitiser application.

VAT Included.

Lead time: 7 to 10 working days

Can be branded with your own logo (min order quantity 10)