K3 Handsfree Thermometer | Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

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K3 Handsfree Thermometer
K3 Handsfree Thermometer


K3 Handsfree Thermometer

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SK3s Automatic non-contact Thermometers


  • Power supplied either via DC 3V (3xAAA batteries), 1865 rechargeable lithium battery or via USB
  • LCD Display unit
  • Temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Unit Size: 100 (h) x 60 (h) x 150 (h) mm
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Installation: Wall hanging double-sided adhesive tape or bracket fixed to wall or sanitiser stand
  • Measuring distance: 1cm-10cm
  • Measuring range: 32.0℃-43.0℃(89.6℃-109.4℃)
  • Response time: 0.5s
  • Operating environment: Temperature: 16℃-40℃ (60.8℉-95℉)
  • Can read forehead or lower palm of hand (depending on climatic conditions)


  • Can scan up to 50 people per minute
  • High temperature measurement accuracy, precision tolerance: ±0.2 degrees (34 ~ 45 ℃)
  • Warning light for detection failure and warning light for abnormal temperature.
  • Can be connected to a computer to record date in real time
  • High-definition clear LCD display - 5 meters viewing distance.